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  1. UPDATE Your representative has been slotted into this game below. So as you can see, their game starts Monday. I wish them the best of luck! GAME 4 (MAY 20, 36/12, 5 PM EDT EOD)) Apoc (Mafia Universe) Carotte (Gare aux Garous) DefinitionOfAutism (GreyWolf Eclipse Lycans) Dendrek (MMO Champion) digitaldude (Manga Helpers) Distorted (Skwirl Gaming) Faddy (ResetEra) Gravebound (Minr.org) Juan_M6 (Spanish Hattrick.org non-HT) mendel (Kongregate) notquitethere (Bay 12 Games) Okowoko (Świat Łukasza) Phaze (MafiaManiac) roro__b (Swedish Hattrick.org non-HT) sKeith (Boards.ie) sothys (PokerNet) tartina (Lupus in Forum) Do you wish to spectate and/or talk with players from other communities? We have a big server on Discord (1,000+ members) for those that want to spectate and talk about these games. The representatives will be added to this channel too after they die. Or if you just want to chat with people from other communities, we have a general chat too that is unrelated to the Mafia Championship. 1) CLICK HERE TO JOIN: https://discord.gg/zdeEhcg 2) Upon joining the server, please inform us of who you are and which community you are from. We will then give you the necessary permissions to see the spectator channel. This is necessary to avoid the wrong people (the representatives and their backups) joining the channel. You don't need to have Discord installed in order to join the channel, as there is a web version. Do you want to have your own private community spectator chat? This is definitely both allowed and encouraged. However, I ask that you please do everything possible to make this chat private and inaccessible to your representative, backup and your representative's opponents. It's important that your thoughts and comments don't influence the game. In other words, please don't post about the game in public threads -- this is very important. Where do I get more info? Refer to this thread: https://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/21905-Season-6-General-Information This thread will tell you all the details about this season. It also includes the list of participating communities and their representatives. __________ If you need to get in contact with me, my Discord is Thingyman#6075
  2. Whoo! Thanks! I'm very excited about this I'll contact tartina right away. @mariosan - please make sure to register a user on www.mafiauniverse.com, so that if you ever need to replace tartina, we can get you subbed in immediately. I'll be back in a little over a week with tartina's game schedule
  3. You can choose between these starting dates: April 29, May 6, May 13, May 20, May 27, June 3, June 10, June 17
  4. There's about a week left until the deadline. JackShepard is representing Foruml. Please tell me this will finally be the year that you guys are also participating? Is there one brave soul out there?
  5. Hey guys. I'm going on vacation next week, so I won't be able to check in here. If you guys happen to decide on a Mafia Championship in that time, they can reach me on Mafia Universe or Discord (Thingyman # 6075). I'll make sure they get the information they need to get prepared
  6. This season will have 11 qualifier games. Then there are two wildcard games, and one finale game. You play in one of these games. And then maybe the wildcard and/or finale. So most people play only 1 game, some play two, and a few play three. The games can have 12/12, 36/12, 48/24 or 72/24 phases. You can choose whichever you prefer and I'll put you into a game that suits your preferences.
  7. Thank you, Josephine! And what's up JackShepard, fancy seeing you here @Bucche - you just need to have 2-3 weeks where you can play between late April and late June. So unless you're busy for all of those 3 months, you should be fine :). You just tell me when you can play, and I will make sure you play at that time. If you advance directly to finale, that happens in August or September - whenever it suits most of the finalists. If you don't advance directly to finale, but to the wildcards, then that game will happen sometime in July.

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